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My name is Carey Lacey and I am so excited to be teaching 1st grade at Aspen Ridge this year! I am originally from Tucson, AZ and have never lived in the snow before. I chose to move to Colorado to inspire a more healthy lifestyle for myself. I’m eager to see what all four seasons are like!


It is very important to me that all students are treated with respect. This respect comes from my interactions with them as well as their peer interactions. When students are upset with each other it is important to me that they follow these steps below.

1.The upset student uses the “I feel message”

2. Other student apologizes for making the first student feel that way

3. The second student asks, “Do you accept my apology?”

4. The first student responds, “Yes, I forgive you”

5. Students seal the apology with a hug, high-five or handshake. They may choose whichever option they feel most comfortable with.


Example (Fake names will be used in the example below)

Joe: “Ms. Lacey, Emily pushed me.”

Ms. Lacey: “Ok, Joe. Will you please go tell her your ‘I feel message’?”

Joe: “Emily, I feel upset that you pushed me on accident and you didn’t apologize.”

Emily: “I’m sorry Joe. Do you accept my apology?”

Joe: “Yes, I forgive you. What should we do? High-five, handshake, or hug?”

Emily: “Let’s handshake!”

Students handshake and then continue on their merry way.


A lot of times students are upset because they feel that the issue at hand wasn’t resolved. This procedure helps improve positive feelings, promotes closure, and aides students in using kind language to discuss their emotions instead of using blaming language. If your child is in my class please expect this apology procedure to be in use. I use this procedure as well with my students if I accidentally bump into them because I find it very important to model to my students exactly what I’m looking for.

If you have any questions please let me know!