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November 7, 2016



A friendly reminder for all SFA classes- please make sure your child is completing the read and respond sheets that are coming home. If you have not seen these sheets, ask your child! They should have been handed one at the start of each cycle. If these are missing, have your child ask for another from their individual teacher. These are graded and are important so the SFA teachers can track your child’s reading progress!

My class has a bingo sheet for this cycle. It is due next Monday.


September 24, 2016


Hello Aspen Ridge families! This is a friendly check in newsletter for my SFA reading group. Read on to find some important information about my class and how we will function for the year.

Your child should be bringing home a packet of what they have completed thus far during the year. These packets and comprehension tests will be sent home at the end of every cycle. This way you can see what we are working on in class, and can watch the progress your student has made! Make sure that you do not fear if there is a low score on a test, there should be a higher one next to it. With SFA we encourage corrections and editing work. I grade your child’s test and give them an opportunity to earn points back after they check in with their groups and review the text again. The higher grades are what I enter into the GradeBook 🙂 If they choose not to edit their tests then they will get the original grade- so corrections and editing are encouraged!

Our first cycle of clarifying has ended, and we are moving onto expository texts and sequencing. This cycle will really push their vocabulary when sequencing events as well as enhance their learning of texts that expand beyond fiction. I for one am excited to begin!

With every cycle will come a read and respond. The past few cycles have been the Bingo sheets, but these will soon change cycle to cycle! Since we do not always start a cycle on Monday, these will not always be handed back on Monday. Please return after the five days are finished so I can give your child credit. Each of these sheets require a parental signature. If for some reason they can only complete a few nights, they will still get credit for however many nights they finish. Regardless your child should be reading 20 minutes a night of a solid book (no comics please!) so that they continue to enjoy reading for pleasure and on their own time.

You can also find up-to-date notices on my classroom website. Find my link on the Aspen Ridge Faculty page, and click on my SFA tab. As always, if you have questions feel free to e-mail me at


Miss Britton


August 10th, 2016

Hello Aspen Ridge Families and welcome to SFA! My name is Miss Britton and I will be your child’s SFA teacher for this first SFA trimester. We are now in Wings of SFA which will dive deeply into clarifying strategies, descriptive writing, and as always, improving our reading comprehension.


Each ‘Cycle’ your child will be given some sort of tracker for their reading. Your child is expected to read 20 minutes a night. These sheets may not be given on a Monday because not all of the cycles run for 5 days exactly. If you get the paper on a different day than Monday, please continue with the sheet for 5 days then turn in on the correct day.

These sheets often require your child to do some sort of comprehension activity about what they read. It is your job as a parent to sign these papers so that I know they have been completed. This homework does contribute to their celebration points in the class so it is very important that they do these!

Our Cycles:

We will be working through many different reading objectives this year. We started with Clarifying, and will move onto things like: sequencing, comparing and contrasting, problems and solutions, main ideas, and plot. Each cycle will be something different so that we cover all of our bases for reading!

Every Cycle we will complete a Book Club. This means that your child will have a chance to share what book they are reading with the class and share some of their favorite parts. I will try and send e-mails/letters home to remind you when these will be so that your child can bring in their book to share.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at order Seroquel uk. I will do my best to answer any questions!