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With every classroom comes specific expectations. Since we have more than one 2nd grade classroom this year at Aspen Ridge I want to make sure that my expectations are clearly laid out here. If you have any questions please reach out to Miss Britton.


Math homework is due within the next week of it being turned home. I will hand out packets on Friday and expect these to be returned and completed by the following Friday. These are graded on participation! If your child turns them in with effort and clear thought they will receive full credit. Students who do not turn in homework will not be able to receive classroom credit.

Spelling Packets are handed out on Monday and are to be returned sometime within the week. These are for the benefit of your child. Your student should practice the words (as well as the challenge words!) for their weekly spelling test on Friday. Challenge words are not graded unless your child missed one of the 10 words, in which case a correctly spelled challenge word will count as a positive point.

There are times when your child will not finish something in class. In this case, I will sometimes send this work homeI will always try to put a sticky note or send an e-mail home letting you know that the assignment is coming home in the folder, as well as the day it needs to be returned. Please note that if these are not returned I cannot give your child credit. Please assist your child in completing these assignments in a timely manner!

Our Classroom Expectations: 

I ask that my students show up to class ready to work and ready to learn! While I too love being social, there is a specific time in my class when we can be. I ask that during academic time we are on task to the subject at hand and that every student try to the best of their ability. I try and reinforce independent thinking which means that your child should be thinking through things on their own, then asking a peer before they come to me with questions or confirmation. We are working as a class to listen carefully to directions so that they do not need to be repeated.

We as a class believe in quiet hands, active listening, and respecting all of our peers. We are marshmallow mouths in the halls, and cheerful talk outside! We respect all teachers no matter what they teach and take responsibility for what we do. Each day we try to be the best Aspen Ridge Owl’s that we can.