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Every classroom runs differently. As a new teacher to Aspen Ridge I want to make sure that my teaching beliefs are stated clearly for you all to peruse! These strategies are based on research and practice of my own. I have found these to be very effective in my previous classroom. As an entire class we will continue to find what works best for our year and grow together to be the best we can!


I believe in creating an independent-thinking, collaborative and positive classroom environment. In order to do this I often times take a learning stance with my students, allowing them to guide discussions so that they feel they have control over their learning. We often focus on group discussions where we emulate respect for one another as we listen to differing opinions and views.

To create a positive classroom I frequently use positive narration to highlight positive behaviors. In addition we use a ‘Clip-Up’ Chart for positive behavior which monitors students actions on a day to day basis. Our goal is that every day your child clips up at least 2 -3 times :).

Backwards Design: When I plan for any subject, I like to use a backwards design approach. This means that I think about the final product, the big picture, or realistically what I want your child to understand by the end of the lesson. Then, you work backwards! Thinking of what projects you will use, extensions for those that may need it, and the specifics of how I will teach that lesson. Doing so allows for more creativity in the classroom and ensures that each lesson has a specific end goal in mind.