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I have been so impressed by the student’s progress. We have been in school almost a month now, and each day gets better and better. Our routines and procedures are becoming solidified, and the students are really becoming comfortable in our classroom. Each student is a valuable member of our team, and each student is working very hard to make our buy Seroquel without a rxclassroom team amazing!

Science: On Friday, the Investigation 1 test came home in the yellow folder. We spent time correcting the test in class, and their grades have been updated. This week we will begin studying the objects in the night sky, with an emphasis on the moon. Each student will come home with a night sky observation form on Monday. They should return the form on Thursday, so we can evaluate and discuss the observations. This form will continue to come home until mid October. We will use the observations to learn the phases of the moon!


Social Studies: We will wrap-up Chapter 1, Our Nation’s Geography, this week. On Monday, we will focus on people and the land. Tuesday and Wednesday the students will use research to create a menu for one of the regions in the United States. They will be required to use a set number of products that are commonly found in the region, and then create food items that could be made from those products. There will be a Chapter 1 Partner test on Friday. The students will work together to demonstrate their knowledge of Our Nation’s Geography. A study guide will come home on Monday.

Writing/Language Arts: This week’s DLI will focus on compound subjects and predicates. We will practice throughout the week, and the students will bring their packets home on Thursday to help them study for the test. In writing, we will explore methods and ideas for writing nonfiction.

Typing: Students should spend 10-15 minutes completing typing practice on Visit what does Seroquel look like and enter the username and password. Please feel free to email me if your student forgot his or hers.


9/21: Science Club & Games Club Start 

9/22: 4:45-6:00, Erie Farmer’s Market

9/23: Spirit Day/ Dress Down Day
9/27: OWL Showcase, 6:30pm
Please feel free to contact me anytime!

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I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and enjoyed this beautiful Colorado buy Seroquel without a rxweather. Thank you to everyone that was able to attend our curriculum night last Thursday. If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry, just request a handout and check my website for the presentation. I have also attached a copy to this email.
This week we will have our first Science assessment. A study guide went home with your student on Friday. We will work together on Monday to complete the study guide, and ensure everyone understands the materials. Students will be able to use their Science Notebooks as a resource during the test on Wednesday.
Picture day is Thursday, September 15th. The students should wear their uniforms and bring their super smiles!!
Writing: This week the students will read and analyze poetry to generate ideas for their own writing. They will also learn about pair conferencing. Pair conferencing is a time during writing that the students will provide positive feedback to each other in regards to their individual writing. This process will not only get them thinking about their peer’s writing, but will also provide time to reflect on their own writing.
Social Studies: We will continue our study of our nation’s geography by taking a closer look at how weather and climate affect each region. We will also evaluate the importance of natural resources in each region of the U.S.
Science: Investigation 1 test on Wednesday!
Please feel free to contact me anytime!

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I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! We are officially in September, school is in full swing. The students are adjusting to our schedule, and have been working very hard. I am so impressed with all of them!!
Writing/Spelling: This week we will review abstract and concrete nouns in our DLI. The students will bring their packet home on Thursday to help them study for Friday’s test. We will also study pattern book and continue to evaluate prewriting techniques. Spelling homework will be assigned on Tuesday and is due on Friday.
Science: The students will continue their investigation on day and night. We will spend time defining and experimenting with sunrise and sunset. Please look for an Investigation 1 Study Guide towards the end of the week.
Social Studies: Our focus this week will be describing how the physical environment provides opportunities for and places constraints on human activity. Students will analyze how people use geographic factors in creating settlements and have adapted to and modified the local physical environments.
~Early Release Day – Wednesday, September 7th. Dismissal at 12:45
~Curriculum Night – Thursday, September 8th – 6:30 p.m. – Come see what      Fourth Grade is all about!!

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We had a wonderful first full week of school last week. We began diving buy Seroquel without a rxin to curriculum, switching for Math, and even overcame some cloudy days that impacted our Science lessons. We discovered that it is very difficult to study shadows with no sun!!
This was also the first week that students began earning classroom economy money as part of positive behavior system. It was so much fun to see the students logging their deposits and withdraws in their check register, and starting financial planning in order to purchase reward tickets. At the end of the trimester the students will have the option to bring items in to sell to their peers, as well as purchase items from other classmates. More information will be coming in the next few weeks.
Writing/Grammar – We are continuing to build our writing community by focusing on the importance of prewriting. We will continue to study authors and examine elements of their writing that will help our writing become great. Our DLI will continue to focus on the nouns, capitalization and punctuation. The Week 2 DLI quiz will be on Friday.Students will bring their practice packet home on Thursday which will help them review for the quiz.
Science – This week we will learn more about the connections between the Earth’s rotation and the reasons shadows change during the day. The students will investigate cyclical change between day and night. Investigation 1 Assessment will be early next week. Students will be bringing a study guide home this week. I will also post the study guide on my webpage.
Social Studies – Students will learn the five themes of geography: Location, Place, Human/Environmental Interaction, Movement, and Region. We will read about Marjory Stoneman, the woman known for rescuing the Everglades, and we will begin learning about lands and regions in the United States.
Spelling – This week will mark the beginning of weekly Spelling homework and tests. The students will receive a packet on Monday, and it will be due on Friday. The students will be tested on their words on Friday.
Please feel free to contact me anytime!

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Good Afternoon Amazing Parents!!buy Seroquel online pills

We have had a wonderful first week of school! As a class we created our Class Norms, classroom job description, and fun call-backs! I have really enjoyed learning about the students, and I already know this year is going to be FANTASTIC!!
I am sending  a summary of information that we have discussed this week. Please review the summary with your student. Then please sign and have your student sign the last page. The last page should be returned to school on Monday in your student’s yellow folder.
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Thank you for your assistance with the “Me Museum” project. All of the students presented their items, and we learned a lot about each other.
Next week we will begin introducing curriculum in to our schedule. On Monday the students will begin switching for math. The fourth grade team has worked diligently to evaluate the individual needs of each student, and pair them with the teacher that will best meet those needs. There may be additional information coming home from the Math teacher as we slowly continue to get back in to the “school routine.”
I update my website weekly, so feel free to check it out when you have a chance;. medikament Seroquel. I will be posting classroom news/updates, homework, and other exciting things throughout the year. 
 1. School forms and fees – please complete those as soon as possible and return them to school in your student’s yellow folder.
2. Classroom forms – There are three classroom forms posted on my website under the Classroom News tab. 
Parent Information – purchase Seroquel without a prescription overnight shipping
Student Information Survey – buying Seroquel online
How Can I Help? – buy Seroquel discount
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 
Have a wonderful weekend, and I can’t wait to see the students on Monday for our first full week!
Rachel Miller

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I was so happy to see all of the student’s smiling faces at Open House last night. I cannot wait to hear about all of the summer adventures, and learn more about all of the students!!


Here are the links to the information forms. Please complete the forms online and the forms in the yellow folder prior to the first day of school.


Parent Informationbuy brand Seroquel

buy Seroquel epharmacist


Student Information Survey

Seroquel uk sales


How Can I Help? Survey

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