Internet Safety

This year, we are utilizing Common Sense Media’s Digital Compass.  “Digital Compass is the only educational game that gives kids the freedom to explore how decisions made in their digital lives can impact their relationships and future.”  By participating in this activity, we allow our students to explore different situations and access important information necessary to keep them safe on the internet.

Students need to feel comfortable and safe talking with adults about digital citizenship and their experiences. This discussion is one thing that can help build resilience in our students.  Here are some more sites to help you, as parents, start this conversation with confidence.

  • has created a playlist of quick tips videos designed to help prepare for these discussions. 
  • CyberSmart is a resource site set up by the Australian government to help students, teachers, and families be prepared to talk about topics.
  • Common Sense Media’s family outreach program includes resources for holding a teen panel with guiding questions and strategies.
  • also has resources to raise awareness and undestanding of digital citizenship for teachers, parents, and students.
  • For an extensive list of resources, visit the Cybrary Man’s Digital Citizenship Resources.