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Core Knowledge Sequence
The Charter School will follow all Colorado Model Content Standards. All teachers will adhere to the practice of standards-driven instruction, using the Core Knowledge Sequence aligned to the Colorado Model Content Standards. To deliver the content set forth in the Core Knowledge framework, the Charter School will use research-based, proven curricula for the academic areas.

Success for All Reading
Aligned with the Charter School’s vision, Success for All Reading curriculum is designed to provide academic rigor for students at all reading levels through ability grouping, ongoing assessment, and research-proven strategies.

Step Up to Writing

Step Up to Writing is a collection of multi-sensory, logically organized, teacher-friendly, strategies that improve the writing skills of kindergarten through eighth grade students.

Handwriting Without Tears
Handwriting Without Tears® helps children develop their handwriting skills through instruction based on developmental levels and multisensory play.

Math Trailblazers
Math Trailblazers is a research-based program founded on the belief that students learn best when solving problems in real-world contexts. This real-world context is provided through the integration of math, science, and language arts.

FOSS Science
The research-based FOSS program is designed to meet the challenge of providing meaningful science education for all students in diverse American classrooms and to prepare them for life in the 21st century. Development of the FOSS program was, and continues to be, guided by advances in the understanding of how children think and learn.


Aspen Ridge Trailways

Establishing and reinforcing solid skills that will promote curiosity and excitement about this world and how all these pieces function together, while instilling a solid academic foundation in students, is the primary focus of the Charter School. To that end, students will be required each year to complete annual projects that will incorporate elements from each of the Charter School’s Trailways. Possessing a broader understanding of the world in which they exist, students will be more than capable of functioning, contributing, and leading for decades to come.


The Charter School uses the following Trailways to guide and educate its students on their learning journey:


Technology Trail

Children today live in a digital world – they operate digitally and they think digitally. Students will learn how to effectively operate and adapt the technology available to them. Society and the world will not only expect full technological understanding and capability but demand it. Students will be in the early stages of the technological learning curve, and one of the Charter School’s goals is to ensure that they possess a strong foundation and confidence in their abilities to maximize technological opportunities. Students will access these opportunities by using technology in school projects as well as through time in a computer lab. In addition, students will see the use of technology modeled in the delivery of instruction.

International Trail

In order to provide students with a solid educational foundation, it is the intent of the Charter School to focus, study, and incorporate elements of the International Trail across the learning experience so that students will be prepared to compete in the global economy. Interconnected relationships will be discovered through explorations, primarily within social studies classes, of various cultures, languages, history, physical geography, and economic concerns. As early as kindergarten, students will be exposed to a second language and will focus on a region of the world to develop an in-depth understanding of other cultures. This will continue throughout the students’ journey within the Charter School.

Nature Trail

Equally important in understanding the world, students will develop an appreciation and connection to the natural environment while traveling along the Nature Trail. It is the hope of the Founders that while grounding their learning in technology and in understanding the global nature of society that Charter School students also remain grounded in the simplicity and beauty of the natural world. Explorations in the environment will take place through adventures to farms, museums, nature walks, and businesses in the community as well as through guest speakers and student projects. These activities will be mostly incorporated into science and physical education classes.

Personal Development Trail

The Founders of the Charter School also believe that the core to any educational program is a strong emphasis on personal exploration through character development and civic awareness. To usher students along the Personal Development Trail, the Charter School proposes the use of the Success for All program Getting Along Together to reinforce appropriate social interactions as well as conflict resolution. All teachers and staff members will be expected to model appropriate behavior on a daily basis. In the Charter School’s effort to further cultivate the idea of building character and one’s role in the world around them, each student will participate annually in activities that support civic, environmental, and charitable organizations or causes within the community. Opportunities to reinforce positive personal qualities will occur primarily in reading and writing classes although reminders and examples will be seen school wide every day.


In addition to the emphasis on rigorous core academics, the Charter School intends to offer enrichment classes for students to foster breadth of knowledge and a life-long love of learning. Enrichment classes may include Music, Physical Education, Art, Drama/Theater, and Spanish. With one of the Charter School’s emphases being on the Technology Trail, there will be time each week as well for students to participate in learning activities in a stand-alone computer lab.

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