Donation Ideas

Wondering what to contribute to the 2018 Gala auction? Consider some of these creative ways to make your family donation, then download and fill out the 2018Gala Donation Contribution form.

Use your connections and/or offer your talents!

Think about your friends and your own interests and hobbies. Are you an avid golfer? Consider donating a round of golf at a sought-after golf course. A talented cook? Consider a gourmet dinner. A musician? Donate a package of lessons. An ace at making desserts? Offer one dessert a month for a year. The possibilities are endless…


Donate time at a vacation home!

Do you have access to a vacation home that you would be willing to share with another family? If so, consider donating a block of time to the auction. Whether near or far, an ARPS family is sure to love it.


Donate tickets to a sporting or cultural event!

Do you have season tickets to any of Denver’s professional sports or college teams? How about tickets to a concert, the theater, ballet, or symphony? Sports memorabilia is also a popular item. Can you get a ball signed by a pro?


What a great time to pass on those unused gifts!

This doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful for Aunt Agnes’ bath soaps — it just means the item might serve someone else better. Plus, it’s a great way to get rid of unwanted clutter around the home. But please make sure that any item you pass on is unused and unopened.


Donate gift certificates to local restaurants!

Have a favorite restaurant for date night? Know a great place to hold a dinner for eight? Share the fun by contributing a gift certificate to a local restaurant.


Donate credit card points or airline miles!

We welcome points or miles that can be used to buy items, hotel rooms or plane tickets.


Team up with another family to create a themed basket!

Wine baskets and food baskets are perennial favorites. Here are some other fun ideas – or make up your own!
Kids in the Kitchen           Ice Cream Social           Martinis and More  
Chocolate Lovers             Family Movie Night       Road Trip
Margaritaville               Staycation                       BookClub
Basket of Birthday Gifts (eliminates the last-minute gift dash!)


Donate money and let us select something for you.

If you’re stumped for ideas or simply pressed for time, you can donate money and we will use it to buy something to round out a package or a basket.


Shop our Amazon wishlist!

Shop our Amazon wishlist! Go to our ARPS wishlist on Amazon to find a gift (or gift card!) you’d like to give. Your gift will be sent directly to the school with no muss, no fuss! Just let us know it’s coming at so we can keep an eye out for it.