Board Policies

Aspen Ridge Preparatory School operates under the policies of the St. Vrain Valley School District unless a policy has been waived within the charter contract and a replacement policy has been adopted by the ARPS Board of Directors. The replacement policy also has to be submitted to the St. Vrain Valley School District after approval by the ARPS Board of Directors.

The naming convention for policies follows the National Education Policy Network/National School Boards Association (NEPN/NSBA) guidelines. The founders of ARPS decided to signify policies developed and adopted by Aspen Ridge Preparatory School with a prefix for the policy code of “AR-“. Only ARPS specific policies are listed here. For the rest of the school’s policies please refer to the District website at

Section B School Board Governance and Operations
AR-BBBE Vacancies and Removal
AR-BBBG-BK Board Elections and School Board Memberships
AR-BBBC-BBBD Board Member Resignation or Removal
AR-BBA-BBAA Board Power and Responsibilities
AR-BDC Appointment of Secretary to the Board of Directors
AR-BDB Board Officers
AR-BE-BEA-BEB Board Meetings
AR-BDF Advisory Committees
AR-BEDB-BEDG Agendas and Minutes
AR-BE-BEA-BEB Board Meetings
AR-BG-BGA-BGB-BGD-BGE-BGF Policy Development Adoption Communication and Repeal
AR-BOD Communication


Section C General School Administration
AR-CA Administrative Goals and Priority Objectives
AR-CFBA(I) Oversight of Instructional Staff Evaluations
AR-CFBA(II) Oversight of Support Staff Evaluations
AR-CHD Administration in the Absence of Policy
AR-CHCA Handbooks and Directives

Section D Fiscal Management
AR-DD Funding Proposals and Grants
AR-DGA-DGB Authorized Signatures and Check Writing Services
AR-DJGA Sales Calls and Demonstrations
AR-DLB Retirement Plans
AR-DN School Properties Disposition

Section E Support Services
AR-EBCE School Closings and Cancellations
AR-EEA Student Transportation
AR-EF Food Services
AR-EHC Student Internet Use Policy

Section G Personnel
AR-GBK Staff Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances
AR-GCE-GCF Staff Recruitment and Hiring
AR-GDG Part-Time and Support Staff Employment

Section I Instruction
AR-IB Academic Freedom
AR-IC-ICA School year and School Calendar
AR-IF Use of Instructional Time
AR-IGA Curriculum Development
AR-IFC Multiculturalism
AR-IGD Curriculum Adoption
AR-IGF-IL Curriculum Review
AR-IHA Basic Instructional Program
AR-IHAM-IHAMB Health Education
AR-IJ Instructional Resources and Materials
AR-IJJ Textbook or Materials Adoption
AR-IJJ-E Public Review Form
AR-IJJ-R Textbook Selection or Adoption(R)
AR-IJK Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
AR-IJK-E1 Supplementary Materials and Adoption Questions for Teachers
AR-IJK-E2 Video Viewing Permission Slip
AR-IJL-IJLA Library Materials Selection and Maintenance
AR-IJOA Field Trips
AR-IJOA-E Field Trip Permission Form
AR-IJOC School Volunteers and Volunteer Application
AR-IJOC-E School Volunteers and Volunteer Application
AR-IJOA-R Field Trips
AR-IMB Teaching About Controversial or Sensitive Issues

Section J Students
AR-JFBA Enrollment Policy
AR-JICA Student Uniforms
AR-JICDE Bullying Prevention and Education
AR-JLIA Supervision of Students
AR-JQ Student Fees, Fines, and Charges

AR-JQ-E1 Student Fees

AR-JQ-E2 Kindergarten Tuition

AR-JQ-E3 Preschool Tuition

Section K School-Community-Home Relations
AR-KE Public Concerns or Complaints
AR-KF Community Use of School Facilities

Section L Education Agency Relations
AR-LDA-LDA-R Student Teaching and Internships