Board Policies and Waivers

Section B School Board Governance and Operations

AR-BBBE Vacancies and Removal
AR-BBBG-BK Board Elections and School Board Memberships
AR-BBBC-BBBD Board Member Resignation or Removal
AR-BBA-BBAA Board Power and Responsibilities
AR-BDC Appointment of Secretary to the Board of Directors
AR-BDB Board Officers
AR-BE-BEA-BEB Board Meetings
AR-BDF Advisory Committees
AR-BEDB-BEDG Agendas and Minutes
AR-BG-BGA-BGB-BGD-BGE-BGF Policy Development Adoption Communication and Repeal
AR-BOD Communication

Section C General School Administration

AR-CHCA Handbooks and Directives
AR-CHD Administration in the Absence of Policy
AR-CFBA(II) Oversight of Support Staff Evaluations
AR-CFBA(I) Oversight of Instructional Staff Evaluations
AR-CA Administrative Goals and Priority Objectives

Section D Fiscal Managment

AR-DN School Properties Disposition
AR-DLB Retirement Plans
AR-DJGA Sales Calls and Demonstrations
AR-DJ/DJA Executive Director Purchasing Authority
AR-DGA-DGB Authorized Signatures and Check Writing Services
AR-DD Funding Proposals and Grants

Section E Support Services

AR-EHC Student Internet Use Policy
AR-EF Food Services
AR-EEA Student Transportation
AR-EBCE School Closings and Cancellations

Section G Personnel

AR-GDG Part-Time and Support Staff Employment
AR-GCE-GCF Staff Recruitment and Hiring
AR-GBK Staff Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances

Section I Instruction

AR-IMB Teaching About Controversial or Sensitive Issues
AR-IJOA-R Field Trips
AR-IJOC-E School Volunteers and Volunteer Application
AR-IJOC School Volunteers and Volunteer Application
AR-IJOA-E Field Trip Permission Form
AR-IJOA Field Trips
AR-IJL-IJLA Library Materials Selection and Maintenance
AR-IJK-E2 Video Viewing Permission Slip
AR-IJK-E1 Supplementary Materials and Adoption Questions for Teachers
AR-IJK Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
AR-IJJ-R Textbook Selection or Adoption(R)
AR-IJJ-E Public Review Form
AR-IJJ Textbook or Materials Adoption
AR-IJ Instructional Resources and Materials
AR-IHAM-IHAMB Health Education
AR-IHA Basic Instructional Program
AR-IGF-IL Curriculum Review
AR-IGD Curriculum Adoption
AR-IFC Multiculturalism
AR-IGA Curriculum Development
AR-IF Use of Instructional Time
AR-IC-ICA School year and School Calendar
AR-IB Academic Freedom

Section J Students

AR-JFBA Enrollment Policy
AR-JICA Student Uniforms
AR-JICDE Bullying Prevention and Education
AR-JLIA Supervision of Students
AR-JQ Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
AR-JQ-E2 Kindergarten Tuition
AR-JQ-E2 Preschool Tuition

Section K School-Community-Home Relations

AR-KF Community Use of School Facilities
AR-KE Public Concerns or Complaints

Section L Education Agency Relations

AR-LDA-LDA-R Student Teaching and Internships



Aspen Ridge Preparatory School Waivers exhibit A and RRP 2.08.17

Automatic Waivers

Updated waiver document 1.24.18


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