Experiential Learning

Experiential learning opportunities that support our Trailways:

Tier 1

  • International trip to England (2018) and Costa Rica or Puerto Rico (2019)
  • Marine Ecology and capstone trips (Utah, Florida or Puerto Rico)

Tier 2

  • More outside of school field trips for all classes
  • *Explore a Trailway with your family and be excused from school
  • Raised garden beds managed by grade level teams

Tier 3

  • Band Equipment needed (* Marching bass drum: $189 – * Snare drum marching carrier $94 – * Stereo speaker system loud enough to hear metronome over the band, do class movement activities with, and hear classical music on $98  – * Smart Music program for Band: ~$500 per year ($40 for teacher, $4 per student) – * Black Collar ARPS polos for Concerts?)

Experiential learning opportunities are funded from the annual fun run in order of tiers. Once tier one is fully funded, then tier two gets fully funded, and so on until all funds are depleted.  Any excess funds will be used in the following year.

Funded by our annual FUN RUN in January 2019.
*must use approved form and have notified your teacher in advance