2016-17 School Supply Lists

Aspen Ridge School Supplies
Looking for a timesaving and convenient school supplies idea?

TRY EduKits!

EduKits will save you the expense and the hassle of school supply shopping, provide exactly what the teachers need and support Aspen Ridge. (EduKit prices have been rounded up to provide a small fundraiser for our school.) Order your School Supply Kits tax free with no shipping fee at EduKit no later than June 1st.  Kits include classroom supplies as well as enrichment supplies, and will be delivered to the school! (After June 1st, additional charges will apply and kits will be shipped to your home). We are not offering EduKits for Preschoolers this year.

In addition to the School Supply Kits, all students (preschool-grade 7) will need a backpack.  

Student Daily planners for grades 3-7 will be provided at no charge.

View the supply lists here!

The school supply lists include the specific brand names provided in the EduKit.  If you are purchasing your own supplies, please feel free to choose your own brand names.

Preschool supply list will be emailed to you by the teachers!

2nd Grade:  2 boxes of crayons, please

Changes to the 5th Grade School Supply List

  • College-ruled paper for both loose leaf and composition books (instead of Wide-ruled )
  • Student choice of folders (instead of specific colors)
  • Student choice of organization system (such as a Trapper-Keeper or zipping accordion folder for multiple/all subjects – they will be gathering supplies from their lockers before class and changing classes during the day)
  • Ruler can be plastic
  • Mechanical pencils are fine
  • Pencil cap erasers (student choice)
  • 2-3 Pink Pearl erasers please
  • More than 4 glue sticks if possible
  • Ball point pens – 4 red and 4 blue
  • Pencil case – box or zipper (student choice)
  • Ream of multi-colored copy paper
  • If you already ordered an EduKit, do not worry, we will make it work.  😉

If you have any questions about the 5th grade supply list, please do not hesitate to email Ms. Mangus at dmangus@aspenridgeprepschool.org.