Lexile: Find the Right Book

i-love-to-read-owlThe Lexile Framework is a scientific way to match readers with text using the same scale. Your student’s Lexile score was generated by iReady and given to you at parent-teacher conferences. Here’s how to use that number to access a free resource that will help you and your student find thousands of books that are high interest and of the appropriate complexity level:

1. Go to https://www.lexile.com/fab/i-ready/

2. Enter the student’s Lexile Measure. The range field will automatically populate, so click “Submit.”

3. Select categories based on the student’s interests by clicking the category. You can also select more specific subcategories within the broader ones by clicking on the small box to the right of each main category. You can easily remove a category and modify your selections by clicking on the X next to the topic you wish to remove from the list that generates on the right.

4. Once you are satisfied with the list of interests, click “Submit.”
A list of thousands of book titles will appear for you to sort and explore, along with each book’s Lexile number, and options for finding the book.

5. If you wish to create reading lists to access at a later time, you can create a free account on this site. Once you have logged on, you will find other options for narrowing your book search. There is also an abundance of information about Lexile Measures.