ARPS Library Information

Since opening its doors in 2011, ARPS has relied on the generous donations of family and friends to fill our shelves and ensure that our library collection meets the academic needs of our students – and gets them excited about discovering great new books in their library!  We’re always working on filling in the content gaps and weeding out duplicate or outdated material – and the results of those efforts are a library collection that informs, inspires, and engages our students.

We are all so proud to see how Aspen Ridge our ARPS Library has taken shape in a way that encourages inquiring young minds, supports classroom curriculum, and continues to foster a love of reading in our student body.

Together we can help our library to grow and thrive!

Book Donations & Birthday Book Program

Book donations are a wonderful way to honor your child’s birthday, to  acknowledge a special teacher, to thank a friend, or simply to celebrate your family’s love of reading. When you donate a book to the ARPS Library, your donation becomes a source of learning and enjoyment for your own children and for countless other students for years to come.

For those who would like to donate books to the ARPS Library, we have created a “Wish List” of our top picks for new books.  Simply visit the ARPS Wish List on  and when you purchase a book from this list, it will be sent directly to the school.

Once you are on the ARPS Wish list, simply select the title(s) you’d like to purchase. As you proceed through the purchasing process, select the “Gift Option.” This will allow you to type a free gift note message that will be delivered to our school with the book. This message will be printed onto a bookplate for the donated book, acknowledging your generous donation. You can type a separate note for each book that you order. (If you do not want a dedicated bookplate, please leave the gift note blank.)

Once you complete the ordering process, the book will be delivered to ARPS and your bookplate will be placed in the front of the book. If this donation is in honor of a birthday, your child’s picture will be taken with the new book and displayed on the library bulletin board.

Book Sale Cart
Duplicate books, which are otherwise in good condition, are occasionally removed from the library collection and placed on the ARPS Book Sale Cart throughout the year.  All proceeds from the sale of books on the cart will go directly toward purchasing new library books.  Feel free to stop by the cart and see if there’s a book that would be a good addition to your home library!

Volunteering in the Library

Our wonderful ARPS Library Volunteers have spent countless hours making great strides towards creating an informative, inspiring, and engaging library for the students of Aspen Ridge! We truly appreciate our Volunteers and are always in need of more helping hands. If you would like to volunteer your time or have any questions please contact for further details.  We’d love to hear from you!

Summer Reading Program – 2015

We hope all of our Aspen Ridge students have a summer break that is full of fun, adventure, relaxation – and great books!

Research has shown that children who read consistently through the summer months not only maintain the literary skills they learned in the previous year, but actually make reading gains!  Elementary children should read, or be read to, for 20-30 minutes or more each and every day.  If this is difficult with a busy schedule, please set goals for children entering grades K-2 to read (or be read to) for at least 60 minutes each week, and for children entering grades 3-6 to read at least 120 minutes per week.

Lexile Information
Students in grades 2 through 5 were given their current Lexile Measure at the end of the school year.  Please feel free to use this measure to find books that are appropriate for your child’s current reading level.    Find out more about the Lexile Measure at the links below.

Recommended Reading Lists for Elementary Students

If you would like suggestions for books that may spark your children’s interests, follow the links below.  Please note that you are certainly not limited to the books on the recommended reading lists.  As long as your children are reading, please allow them to read whatever keeps them reading!