Preschool Classes 2018-2019

Preschool Classes 2018-2019

Three year olds are very busy and curious! Our goal is to channel these wonderful behaviors and guide them into a world of learning. Parents have the choice between 2 days OR 3 days a week.


Class Tuition & Fees

The 2 day class focuses on social interaction, language development, fine and gross motor activities. Class size is limited to 14. Students must be Three years old by October 1st, 2018. Students MUST be potty trained.

Mornings Only: 8:15-11:00 am

Tuesday & Thursday     $210/per month


The 3 day class is for older three year olds who are comfortable in a classroom setting and ready for a three day program. The three day class focuses on social and language development and introduction to pre-reading and math concepts. Class size is limited to 14. Students must be three years old by September 1st, 2018.

Mornings Only: 8:15-11:00 am

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday    $260/per month


The monthly tuition rates are listed above are based on a 9-month year (September-May). August tuition will be pro-rated.


Non-refundable Registration Fee: $50 

Supply List Fee: $100 (covers all student/classroom supplies for the year)


*Students MUST be potty trained.

**Exceptions may be made at the Preschool Directors discretion.