School Advisory Committee

School Accountability/Advisory Committee (SAC)

School Accountability Committee also known as School Advisory Committee per

CRS 22-11-402

The school accountability/advisory committee works at the direction of and for the benefit of the Aspen Ridge Board of Directors.  School accountability/advisory committee powers and duties:

  • Evaluate – school program effectiveness, student achievement, parent satisfaction, and school safety.
  • Monitor – goals set and progress toward the school’s strategic plan, school improvement plan (when deemed necessary by state), and the school accreditation status.
  • Report – On summary data, school survey results, and goal progress reports.
  • Recommend – goals and targets for improvement, needs assessment, and resource allocation.

The school accountability/advisory committee shall consist of Board Director Mr. Rinard, Principal Salmeron, Assistant Principal Hurianek, Teacher/Parent Missy Brussow, Teacher Rebecca Wild, Parent/Teacher Jennifer Hays, and Executive Director Mr. Cordrey (Chair).