Aspen Ridge Wins 2nd Place in Homecoming Parade!

We had huge participation!


 Dear Parents,
We have received notification from the community relations adviser at Crestone Peak Resources regarding their well site adjacent to Aspen Ridge Preparatory School. They are beginning the process to permanently plug and abandon this location along with the removal of all associated production equipment. Crestone Peak Resources has agreed to mitigate noise by installing a wall system and minimize traffic on Austin avenue especially during our busy drop off and pick windows. I have attached a letter that I received today via email.
I have also spoken with Ms. Burns at Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission which oversees these processes. She has assured me that the process is safe and that all appropriate permits have been received. Ms. Burns further agreed provide additional regulatory on-site supervision for this matter.
I do not believe this process will impact our school in the near future (other than minor nuisances) and may benefit Aspen Ridge with the permanent removal of equipment.
If you have any concerns or questions please reach out to me at 720-242-6225 or at TCordrey@AspenRidgePrepSchool.org.
Todd Cordrey
Executive Director

Crestone Activity Notice Vessels Minerals EI Plug and Abandon August 2017


New info:


New School Hours at Aspen Ridge 8:15 to 3:15


Aspen Ridge Preschool is now offering a new 2 day a week session for 3 yr olds only. For more information please contact the Preschool Director Amber Simmons asimmons@aspenridgeprepschool.org

king-soopersUse King Soopers or Safeway reloadable cards and
5% goes to Aspen Ridge!
Use Alfalfa’s Local Market reloadable cards and
7% goes to Aspen Ridge!
The cards come with $5 preloaded and sell for $5 from the front office staff.  When you shop for groceries pay with your reloadable card and Aspen Ridge benefits either 5% or 7%.
The Aspen Ridge community is amazing, generous, and committed to student success.


2017-2018 ENROLLMENT

Waiting lists are forming for many of grade levels.

Aspen Ridge Preparatory School welcomes all students.  Aspen Ridge prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability, race, color, ancestry, national origin, creed, religion, sex, or need for special education services.  The enrollment policy is designed to meet the requirements of Colorado Revised Statute 22-30.5-104(3), ensuring equal access for all.  Parents request enrollment of their child(ren) to the school by submitting an Intent to Enroll form.

You are welcome at Aspen Ridge!

Intent to Enroll 2017-2018


  owl-thank-youAspen Ridge Volunteer Interest
At Aspen Ridge, our focus is on academic achievement and student development;
therefore, we welcome our parents support and involvement in the process.
After all, it take a parliament to raise an owlet.
We are excited about the many different volunteer opportunities this year within
our school and community. As we continue to work towards gathering everyone’s
interests and input, please use this form below to indicate what areas you would be wiling to volunteer, and feel free to provide any extra areas of expertise you believe would add value to our school and community.


At Aspen Ridge we take the safety of your children
very seriously.
Please be advised, each and every visitor to the school
MUST have ID to enter the school building. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Our Raptor entry system is for your child’s protection.

Student Schedules

PreK AM Session…     8:15am – 11:00am (M-Th)

PreK PM Session…   12:15pm –  3:00pm (M-Th)

Full Day Kinder-8th Grade… 8:15am- 3:15pm

Kinder AM…                8:15am – 11:30am